Friday, September 4, 2009

Hi everyone

There are 2 pretty big excuses for the lack of posting, and the abandonment of the Green Smoothie Challenge (for now):

1. We just moved into our new house this week, stressful and overwhelming, but we're getting settled...

2. I accepted a position to write a column for, a newer site for info on all kinds of topics divided by city. So I'm the new Minneapolis Vegan Examiner.

I haven't done too much with my site yet, but eventually plan to have a Raw Wednesday weekly series, so if you have any recipes you'd like to share, raw or cooked vegan, or if you want to be added to my links list, please e-mail me!




  1. Congrats on the house. I know the stresses all too well. We moved into and remodeled our house 1 year ago and I was 8 months preggo. Crazy! So how did you come about getting involved in writing a column for How does that work?

  2. crazy. one of my good friends writes for that in seattle.