Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 1 - The Morning After

The absolute brain dead feeling I'm experiencing right now is not a result of the raw food - rather, it's my typical state on any given workday, one that I hope to change with this experiment, but probably won’t happen if things keep going the way they did last night.

It was a raw version of our standard nights - having a couple drinks, staying up too late, eating right before bed. But with the added frustration of trying to make sure Nathan had enough good stuff to eat today and feeling discouraged because of our moodiness and his headaches. But, I'm optimistic it will get better.

At least our flax crackers were a success! This recipe made enough crackers to fill 3 big tupperware containers, didn't take long to prep, and was cheap:

(From the Idiot's Guide to Eating Raw)


2 cups flax seeds
½ cup sun-dried tomatoes, soaked in 1 C lukewarm water until soft
1¼ cup sunflower seeds, soaked (at least 30 minutes) and drained
1 tablespoon Shoyu, or to taste
1 teaspoon lemon juice, fresh squeezed
1 teaspoon sea salt, or to taste
½ teaspoon black pepper, ground to taste
½ teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
1/4 cup parsley, chopped

1) Put flax seeds in a large bowl with 2 1/2 cups of filtered water and soak seeds for at least 30 minutes.
2) Mix all other ingredients (including sun-dried tomato soak water) in food processor and process until smooth.
3) Mix blended ingredients with flax seeds in a bowl.
4) Spread evenly on 2 Teflex dehydrator sheets and dehydrate at 115°F for 6 hours.
5) Flip and transfer to a mesh screen for 6 additional hours.

Kelly's Day 1 Menu:

-Smoothie (banana, apple, blueberries, kale)
-Big Salad (spinach, sprouts, broccoli, cucumber, walnuts, olive oil & balsamic vinegar, salt)

Those first two kept me full through the workday. When I got home from the time I went to bed, running to the co-op for groceries and gym for a light workout in between, I just snacked on:

-Flax Crackers
-Hummus w/celery and carrots
-Dried prunes
-Leftover smoothie

Near bedtime, we had a couple glasses of organic red wine and I had the following which I'm pretty sure was not raw especially after just reading their website:

-Half an Ezekiel sprouted english muffin with just a thin spread of avocado, drop of olive oil, salt and pepper.

It was so delicious though, much more satisfying than butter, highly recommended! The english muffins were something I just splurged on at the co-op because I wanted to make the transition easier for Nathan (even though of course I ended up eating the first one). But, suspecting they don't fit with the rules of this experiment, we won't be buying them again.


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  1. hi kelly!

    I am really craving flax crackers and I was wondering:
    is it possible to make flax crackers with ground flax seed?