Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Transitioning - Part 1

Since we decided to do this experiment (about a week ago), we've been trying to eat more and more raw while emptying the fridge of all our existing non-raw food and waiting for our equipment to arrive. We got the Vita-Mix yesterday, spiralizer today, and still waiting on the dehydrator.

The one book we've bought is The Complete Idiot's Guide to Eating Raw, which is great for beginners. Basic info, easy to read, lots of recipes.

I've also read lots of websites, but am reluctant to link to most because they can be quite extreme and preachy. But, here is a pretty neutral one if you want to learn a little more about the raw foods diet: About.com Raw Food Diet

The new recipe we've been making the most are green smoothies. I had never had one before but now I'm hooked. I bring them to work in the morning in my coffee mug and eat with a spoon throughout the morning (I like them thick) and it's very filling. There are endless variations, but basically:

-Put any combination of fruits in the blender, I like: 2 small apples, one banana, some frozen blueberries or peaches.

-Blend fruit with water

-Add as many greens (spinach, kale, argula) as you can handle (usually a couple big handfuls) and blend until smooth

Check out The Green Smoothie Challenge to get started, it's simple and you get daily e-mails with info and recipes.

I haven't had any bad side effects from replacing my morning coffee with the smoothies. And I do love coffee! I still drink hot tea whenever I feel like it, and will continue to through this experiment because I want to and don't feel that it's hard on my system. And now, off to make my smoothie for tomorrow a.m.



  1. I love it! I might join you with those green smoothies... good luck, I'm ACTUALLY writing you an email right now :) Holly

  2. Seriously, nice work on the blog. You two are so convincing. You are making me want to eat raw food and get lots of cool gadgets. Maybe I will just try to be conscious of eating them when they are available? We'll see. I'll let you two be the guinea pigs. Cheers!

  3. Let it be known that I am officially the first "Raw Food, Real People" groupie! (I hope that is cool you two... mostly because the t-shirts are already on order) ;)