Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 4 - Kelly

A snapshot of Minnesota

*see photo information below

As Nathan mentioned, we got a ton of snow here yesterday - officially, 6" in Minneapolis, and 7.5" just a few miles south of us at the airport. I am amazed that our population here is as large as it is. How did people ever justify settling and staying here when there was, say, no electricity?!

A few things I saw yesterday:

-A guy shoveling snow. In shorts.
-Someone riding their bike down an unplowed busy city street.
-A guy cross country skiing on a city sidewalk.

Unrelated to the weather, right after I passed the guy in shorts, another guy standing alone at a bus stop said, slowly, "Excuse me miss, I hate to ask you…." My mouth was already open to say no to a request for change and continue walking, "But, do you have a tampon for my girlfriend?" Ha, I did, and after I gave it to him he said, "Thanks, I owe you one." Don't think I really need him to return that favor.

So, menu for yesterday:

-Smoothie: Pear, parsley, celery, lime juice, banana. I actually can't remember if I threw banana in or not, but either way, I don't recommend this combo. I used it because I saw a recipe for it and had parsley that was about to go bad, but the celery taste was just too strong.

-Big Salad: Spinach, tomato, sprouts, caesar dressing recipe from yesterday. The dressing was really really delicious. As noted in the recipe below, it comes out very thick, I watered mine down before putting it on the salad.

-Many snacks around dinner: Cantaloupe, flax crackers, guacamole, dried prunes, banana.

-Around bedtime: Half of a controversial Ezekiel english muffin with more caesar dressing & a big glass of wine.


*The picture was just taken by a good friend who blogs at If you like imaginative images and a unique perspective of living, check it out.


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