Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cannellini Kale Soup and Chapatis

These are two new recipes we tried, borrowed from 30 Bucks A Week, to start off our first frugal week. They both got high approval ratings from myself & Nathan, but I especially loved making the chapatis. I'd never even heard of them before, they're pretty much like pita bread. Easy, SO cheap, and fun to make too. I felt like a real baker covering the dough and then rolling it out (with a drinking glass - I never bake!). Here is the link for the Cannellini Kale Soup.

Also, I discovered two awesome websites today:

Melomeals: $3.33 a day: Melody is a professional chef who cooks cheap healthy vegan stuff for herself & two teenage boys.

Crazy Sexy Life: An extensive holistic living website stemming from the documentary and book Crazy Sexy Cancer, which I definitely want to check out….


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