Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kelly - Day 8 - Kombucha Cocktails

I keep seeing Kombucha mentioned on raw foods sites, and have also been noticing it more in grocery stores. Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage that supposedly has tons of health benefits because of all its living enzymes, etc., read details at GT's Kombucha site, the only brand I've tried.

We bought it the first time on a Valentine's Day splurge at Fresh & Natural Foods right before the official start to our raw experiment. The taste is pretty unexpected at first, it's incredibly strong, fizzy, tart, I can't describe it exactly. Not something I'd chug down. But, when we were mixing our Prairie Organic vodka (another splurge) and tonic, I poured in a bit of the grape flavored Kombucha as an experiment and, yum! It added just enough interesting flavor to take away from the tonic water flavor that I sometimes get sick of.

So last night after going straight from my regular job to volunteering 3 hours at the co-op, I bought some to have a drink when I got home. Oh, I am so healthy!



-1 part vodka (any kind)
-1 part tonic water or club soda
-1 part Kombucha (whichever flavor would meld with your vodka)

Pour over ice.


I was hungry too when I got home and really wanted some sprouted bread smeared with avocado and olive oil, but we had no avocados. I wasn't in the mood for peanut butter (which is rare, but I'd had some earlier), so I threw together the following in the Vita-mix and ended up with a pretty decent spread or dip, whatever you want to use it for:


-1/3 cup cashews
-1/3 leftover zucchini
-5 stalks asparagus
-little bit of water
-spoonful of tahini-splash of lemon juice
-garlic powder, cumin, salt & pepper

Sorry for the lack of specific measurements, I don't expect anyone to actually make this, but it just goes to show that in 5 minutes you can have something decent when you thought there was nothing in the fridge.


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  1. Kelly, love the Kombucha cocktail recipie. If you come up with any others please post them! Its a wide open cocktail field, ripe for experimentation!