Monday, April 6, 2009

Anna - Day 6

I remember a children’s story from when I was a kid that featured a family of goats that lived in a junkyard. The son was causing his parents untold suffering and worry due to the fact that all he ate was healthy food. After much conflict, the solution presents itself as sneaking in appropriate goat food (i.e. tin cans and shoelaces) with the fruits and vegetables. Pretty soon the kid was eating a uniform diet of garbage; happy ending!

Only a few weeks ago I was carrying around a list of my fruit and vegetable intake for each day, and if I was really good I might get that number up to 4. Since trying raw foods, by 2:00pm I’m sitting at 6 or 7. Not bad!

Still, going 100% raw is not something I aspire to. I’m much more a fan of raw/vegan until 6:00pm. Yesterday my menu went something like this:

Breakfast Smoothie:
- Banana
- Strawberries
- Spinach
- Swiss Chard – upon reflection, DO NOT use this in a smoothie. This is one vegetable that needs sautéing. In its raw form it takes over the entire smoothie, tastes like dirt, and will only blend into large flapping chunks (ewww)
- Strawberry-flavored Whey Protein Powder

- Carrots and hummus
- Apple slices and banana “bread” with raw cashew butter
- That chocolate-date mishmash (now with coconut!)

……………..After 6:00pm……………..

Dinner (Party at a rowing teammate’s house):
- Baguette slices with olive tapenade and feta
- Fruit salad (no dressing)
- Polenta with sautéed kale, mushrooms, garlic and bacon on top
- 2 glasses of red wine



  1. This is cool. I like that you are making a balance between raw and other food, but still mke it healthy. I am trying out the raw diet as well and have yet to go a complete week with all raw food. Thanks for the idea of creating a balance. Also, you might consider looking at this
    raw foods site. There are some great recipes on there.

  2. This is an approach I could do, I think. In fact, the day's menu sounds great. Minus the swiss chard. It really is an unhappy raw little surprise in your mouth.

  3. That polenta recipe is at the Cheap Healthy Good site.

    I agree with you guys, it's hard to do 100% any sort of diet with rules, hence the name of this site….because real people are scared off by that sh*t. We shouldn't have to feel guilty about what we eat, just feel good about the percentage of the time we are putting good stuff in our bodies.