Friday, April 24, 2009

A plug for people and places we like

Yesterday it was so SO gorgeous here we decided to eat dinner on the patio of The Front's new restaurant. If you live in the area, check it out, it's a great place. The food is central american influenced and not very vegetarian friendly, but still good. Nathan loved his burger and my plate of rice/beans/fried plantain/cabbage salad was really good too. They have a beautiful patio, great music variety, and a couple small tv screens showing scenery of beaches, islands, and sunsets - nothing goth or fetish themed about it!

For those of you who don't live in the area - The Front is a dance club attached to Ground Zero, a sort of bondage nightclub. Actually this weekend is their annual Rubber Ball, an awesome costume/dance party/fashion show where everyone can show off their best vinyl outfits ;-).

Unfortunately it falls on the same night as our friend Ted's band's show, which we're really excited to see for the first time at the Uptown Bar. They're called Wizards Are Real, they're opening for Little Man, only $5, if you come check it out be sure to find us and say hi!

Happy Weekend,



  1. I love that you have dinner at the restaurant attached to a bondage nightclub. I feel like they ought to do subtle little things like tie their napkins really tight or have drink stirrers in the shape of riding crops and such.

    Anyway. Happy weekend!

  2. Ha, I wouldn't put it past them. The guy who owns the place is our friend's uncle so that was really the reason for checking it out...and we shared our first kiss (ahem, made out in a booth) at Ground Zero the night we met so it has a special place in our hearts =).

  3. Wow, you guys missed the rubber ball for us? Thanks for coming!

  4. There will be another rubber ball...but not another debut performance of Wizards Are Real ;-)
    I was peeved that the bar stopped serving food like, right when we got there though, what's up with that? The Uptown is now on my shit list. Kelly with 3 drinks in her and no fries = unhappy camper.