Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 15 - Kelly

I read an interesting article in the City Pages this weekend about Traditional Foods, a buying club in South Minneapolis selling mostly natural, local products. This quote from the owner is great: "Americans spend 8 percent of our income on food and 22 percent on doctors. In Italy it's the other way around. You either pay the farmer and the butcher or you pay the doctor."

Sure, buying natural foods costs more than eating ramen, but it is really not that much more expensive. What's really unfortunate is that people think they're being healthy eating wheat bread, fat free yogurt, granola bars, spaghetti sauce etc., when the reality is that most of these products are highly processed and contain high fructose corn syrup and other artificial flavors and preservatives.

Here is an article from Mayo Clinic with basics about high fructose corn syrup. Notice they say moderation is important. But, it is not moderate when that sh*t is sneaking into every meal of your day. Here is another more opinionated article: 8 'Health' Foods That Contain High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Please read your food labels!

Moving on to something more raw related - one of my favorite inexpensive foods is kale. It costs $1.75 per organic bunch at my co-op, which will last for at least three big salads. I used to only eat it cooked because it is sort of tough raw, but problem solved after reading this post from the awesome I ♥ Kale blog. So, part of my lunch today is some "massaged kale".

My planned menu for the workday today:

-Black Coconut Mango Tea (from Trader Joe's)
-Smoothie: Banana, frozen mango (from Trader Joe's), frozen blueberries, handful of kale
-Massaged kale with olive oil and salt
-Celery sticks with Eggless Egg Salad (we made another batch last night).

And tonight, we're going to try making a new bread with sprouted buckwheat…..



  1. No lie, I dreamed about high fructose corn syrup last night! Only I went to that second website and it said all these foods I missed the first time (like lettuce!) were LOADED with it and I was freaking out thinking 'what CAN I eat then?!' :)