Monday, March 30, 2009

Anna's First Post: A New Two-Week Experiment!

Raw Food Experiment: Round Two

So our neighbor Anna has officially agreed to try the raw food experiment for at least two weeks and blog about it on this site. We'll start the countdown over from day one, I'll be doing it along with her, this time we'll try to be more diligent about sticking to it and posting menus, etc.

In keeping with our Halloween theme, Alaskan MILF Anna with Dominatrix Cowgirl Kelly. Surprisingly, the two had a lot in common:

The following is Anna's take on the raw foods thing:

Why on Earth would you try something that makes vegans look like gluttons? Crazy raw foodists! I eat meat. I love dairy. I adore bread! I fully intend on having a crash and burn meter for this. No chocolate? I suppose the first week will have a lot of posts with praying for death as the gist.

Well, ok, Kelly and Nathan are only as crazy as the next couple, and they make yummy sushi. I might be able to handle this if they agree to make me dinner. And have you seen Nathan? He lost 16 pounds in a month. That’s what snagged my attention. You can get a girl to do anything as long as you tell her she’ll drop some weight doing it.

Plus, there’s this whole “feel more in the present” push that I’m trying to do. Sure, things are ok, but I treat my body pretty much like I treat my car; as long as there’s fuel in it, I don’t really worry about how it’s running until something goes wrong. I want to feel good in this body, and the bottom line is right now I don’t.

So the real question here is, why not?


(Note: She obviously never got to try any of our Raw Chocolate Balls, or she wouldn't be so freaked about "giving up" chocolate. I will convert you Anna!)


  1. I know - 16 pounds in a month really is compelling. Good luck!

  2. I did raw foods for 3 days last week and lost 4 pounds. It works!

  3. ah ha! sounds like a little change has crept in over 30 days...