Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 26 - Raw Road Trip!

Tonight after work we're driving 4+ hours up to Nathan's parents' (very lovely clean modern) cabin in Silver Bay, on the north shore of Lake Superior. Normally I'm not at all a winter cabin type person, but we're in need of a cheap spring break, it's not supposed to be too cold, and our good friends Marc & Robyn are coming.

Saturday we're going to Sawbill Canoe Outfitters, which our friend Adam's dad owns, where we might snowshoe or might just hang out in the lodge. And on the way back - bar hopping in random small towns we've never been to! I ♥ small town dive bars.

Finally, the whole reason for going up north in the first place, we're staying at the Edgewater Waterpark & Resort in Duluth on Sunday night. I get a discount through my company, but excluding Fri. & Sat. nights, so we figured we'd do the cabin thing first. Taking full advantage of the discount, we got the most posh suite in the place - whirlpool, minibar, balcony view of Lake Superior. Maybe they'll even have a sauna….I like anywhere I can be warm in the winter in a bathing suit.

So this will be our first time trying to do the raw thing out of town. In preparation, last night I did grocery shopping & food prepping, so here's our list of foods for the road:

-Banana Bread (not quite a success, recipe to come)
-Zucchini Hummus
-Carrot Sticks
-Nuts & Dried fruit
-Apples & Bananas
-Sprouted Bread

It's not much, but there's a grocery store by the cabin so we can get supplies for salads, etc., and there's a nice looking whole foods co-op in Duluth. We'll probably miss the blender the most because we've gotten very used to the smoothies….actually maybe there's one at the cabin or I guess we could bring ours, we haven't discussed.

Anyway, happy weekend, we'll be back Tuesday!



  1. Hi kelly I just got your comment, on my blog, I was just searching blogs and I came across yours. Thanks for saying I sound sometimes I"m too honest.

    your blogs are very intresting to me I missed a couple days so I"m going to go catch up on them take care and you two seem really cool

  2. Wow! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog! You two seem to have so much fun! Too bad you live across the country! I'd give my right pinky to find more fun couples in Vermont who like to drink, have fun, do raw food and DONT have small children. (Nothing against kids but at age 39 & 40 it gets harder to find folks w/o kids who still want to socialize and have a few laughs!)

    Anyhoo, I look forward to reading more of your blog! We love beer too!!! :-)

    Cheers from the East coast!