Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pushing Kale and Day 1 Recap - Kelly

Not much to report, yesterday I ate everything we made on Tuesday night (listed in yesterday's post). It's not a challenge to "eat raw" at all when I have so much good food to look forward to.

Also, my smoothie yesterday morning was amazing. I'd been underwhelmed with them for a few days, something was missing in the taste and they weren't as thick as usual. I think the trick is using kale instead of spinach.


-1 small apple (buy organic, conventional apples have lots of pesticies) A 3 lb. bag of organic gala apples is $2.99 at my co-op.
-1 banana
-About 5 frozen mango chunks (from Trader Joe's)
-About a dozen frozen blueberries
-Big handful of curly kale.

Notice I specified curly kale - they finally had this in stock at the co-op instead of lacinato (Dinosaur) kale.

A quick rundown of COMMON KALE TYPES for everyone who's not yet an enthusiast:

Curly Kale: Lighter green than Dinosaur kale, has curly leaves.

Lacinato (Dinosaur) Kale: Darker green, has flat leaves, slightly sweeter than curly kale. I swear eating a lot of this in a day (I had it in a smoothie and in a Massaged Kale salad) gave me green poo.

Purple Kale: Same as curly, but with some purple in the leaves. It is so pretty! I bought some for the first time at the co-op yesterday, don’t know if it tastes different but the World's Healthiest Foods site says it's a bit more mellow.

Kale is one of the healthiest foods out there, but is hard to eat raw. For anyone who hasn't tried it, go make a green smoothie! When was the last time you can say you ate 3 servings of fruit and a bunch of kale in one sitting?

Last night I also ate some of the food I was making Anna to get her through day 2: Raw Chocolate Cake and Eggless Egg Salad, two of my favorites, but we'll have to see what her verdict was.



  1. My dear smoothie-drinking friend,

    We like the kale, and I think we've been buying mostly curly kale without really thinking about one kind over another. The purple certainly is pretty. I might prefer spinach over all else, though.

    I wanted to share with you a recent smoothie discovery. Namely, that one green is not like another. (Duh, I know. Now.) Due to lack of advance planning/foolishness - which happened ealier this week - we learned that cantaloupe, apple, and swiss chard do not a happy smoothie drinking couple make.


  2. Hahaha.

    -Nathan (channeling Kelly, who is making me dinner)

  3. I think I've posted on here before about a smoothie mishap including cataloupe. I love it plain, but it gets all frothy and tastes weird in the smoothies.

    Speaking of, time for breakfast....