Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 14 - Covert Raw Food Party

Our friends Ted, Amy and Ben are members of local band The Inwood Radio. A while ago, they invited us to join their book club. Since then, I've done what I can to work toward the destruction of the book club by picking what may be the worst book club selection in book club history. Albert Camus is a legend, but his book "The Fall" has propelled our book club into the sort of slow-motion freefall that can only happen on planets with much less gravity. So, my selection has effectively caused our club to defy the laws of Earthen physics.

They held a CD release party at The Kitty Cat Club in Dinkytown last night. The band went on around midnight, so we invited some friends over around nine.

We've always made a habit of putting out food, and one of my standbys has been homemade vegetarian sushi. Kelly found a recipe for raw sushi that involves substituting a ginger-almond pate for the rice. We also put out some veggies and raw hummus.

Everything was devoured, proving that raw food can work as pre and post bar food. Even without grease. Who knew? We wrapped things up by making some raw strawberry ice cream.

Here's a link to a video that describes making almond sushi. It wasn't the source of our recipe, but it provides a good introduction to the process.

On a completely unrelated note, I offer you this as a public service: I just returned home from a matinee showing of The Watchmen. When we exited the theater, the sun, at its oppresively low trajectory, turned the entire exiting audience into what appeared to be a blinded herd of drunken cows. My first words were, “If only our retinas had been burned out BEFORE we saw that movie.”

Here are some pictures from last night:

The food we set out

Our sushi

Nathan forming a short-lived relationship with his sushi

Kelly destroying Nathan at some heads-up Texas Holdem'

Kelly showing off her... plate of sushi

Pre-bar food

Communal strawberry ice cream



  1. Was The Watchmen really that BAD?


  2. I loved the book and the movie not only dragged on for the long second half, but it turned really corny and changed the ending. It was a disaster for me.