Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 16 - Nathan, halfway there

The first week or so of this transition was rough. Even though I admittedly haven't been 100% raw, I've been very close. During that first week, I had headaches, I couldn't focus, and I was crabby all the time. I was convinced that my body probably just wasn't made for this diet. I have a rabbit metabolism, and I was 6'3", 215 pounds-ish a little over two weeks ago.

We went to the gym yesterday and I weighed myself for the first time since changing my diet. A neighbor had mentioned that I looked thinner and younger, and I was starting to buy the narcissistic hype, but I figured I'd look down and see that I'd lost a few pounds. I was wrong. I weigh 199.5 pounds now. That's something close to FIFTEEN pounds lost in the last few weeks.

Keep in mind, I haven't been going to the gym regularly because I've worried my energy level would be down, but I did my normal routine and I hadn't lost any of my strength. I felt great on the way home. It's odd, because Kelly and I aren't sure where I lost all the weight from. Maybe from my fat head, but more likely from my stomach. My stomach was out of control, sort of starting to hang sideways when I reclined in bed. It doesn't appear to be acting as a fleshy pendulum anymore.

I've been a little paranoid that I'd shrink and not look like a moderately big, strong guy anymore. I'm sure this fear traces back to my "chicken legs" high school experience, pre-hormone-shift and pre-firefighting. I don't want to become that tall, thin guy, crammed into a tight sweater, passively reading play manuscripts at a coffee house. But I seem to be the same guy still, just trimmed of some body fat.

I suppose I can probably jump higher now. Maybe I can jump TOO high. Maybe it's not even safe to jump anymore. What an interesting problem to hypothetically have.

Alright, I'm in the zone, and I'm super pumped that Kelly got me to do this diet. I feel like that kid who's convinced he can run faster on the day that he first puts on his new tennis shoes.

Recent food: Today, I'm eating this eggless egg salad on some bread we made in the dehydrator last night. We'll post the recipe when we determine whether it's something we want to recommend. After the gym last night, I whipped together some of that raw sushi, and it was fantastic. I'm going to start prepping the almond pate so I can just bring the ingredients to work and make them there.



  1. You are doing Great!!!!! I also had similar detox experience's that you had. They are very common=-) Helpful for the mind to know but the body will heal!

    Good for you both and keep going!!


  2. how did kelly convince you to do it?? i man thinks he neeeeeds cooked (warm) foods and lots of protein.!

    well, i suppose he's vegan so that i shouldn't complain about but, still! haha.

  3. Look, Nathan's exceptional, and you can't smother a normal guy with those kind of expectations. Most of it's probably genetics. Maybe some conditioning. It's all very mysterious.