Thursday, March 19, 2009

Intermezzo - The Johnsons

Nathan: OK, this is an odd interruption, but a comment by Lisa yesterday reminded us that the best way to get to know us is probably through our Halloween photos. Every Christmas, we turn those photos into Christmas cards. I have terrorized my poor mother each year with these photos. Her tolerance is saintlike. Sorry, mom.

Our first photo came courtesy of our visionary friend Adam. We posed as Marla and Cornelius from the movie Fight Club. In 2006, we turned it into our first Christmas card:

That year, Halloween fell on a weekend. To avoid monotony, we changed things up on day two. "Dominatrix Housewife and Submissive Corporate Drone Attorney Husband":

For Halloween 2007, we went zombie. We were married a week earlier, so Kelly made good use of her crinoline:

Scenes from our 2007 Christmas photo shoot. We wanted to get a cheesy studio portrait, but the studios were full. We hung up a sheet in the living room. Viola. Cropped for the Christmas card, no one could tell the difference:

In 2008, Kelly and I participated in an annual Zombie Pub Crawl. Hundreds of people stumbled around moaning "brains" for an evening in the Seven Corners area of Minneapolis. We knew this would make a perfect Christmas card. The caption read: "May your holiday memories live forever.":

Finally, we returned to our assless roots for another dominatrixy theme this year. Notice the pre-raw-food spare horse (cowboy version of a spare tire) on the front of Nathan. Scary:

-Nathan and Kelly


  1. I am sooo delighted to see these! Hilarious. And if you don't mind, maybe Nick and I will steal your idea and be zombies with a zombie baby this Halloween. I kind of love the idea.

  2. Is that your real ass??!! It looks so lifelike...BRAINS...BRAINS...BRAINS!!!

  3. i remember that zombie pub crawl! i wasn't cool enough to be there though. very impressive.

  4. You guys will have to come next year....nothing is as fun as dressing up when it's not halloween, bonding with other zombies, and pretty much having a free pass to grab and at least pretend to bite random strangers. Being a zombie rocks.

  5. HA awesome. so i guess you'll be one of the people i'm running from.