Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 2 - Nathan

Here's a summary of my planned meals today:

Breakfast smoothie: Half a humongous orange, one banana, one apple and ice/water

Snacking: *Hummus and those crackers Kelly talked about below

Lunch: **A salad with a homemade tomato dressing and a couple of those sprouted muffins Kelly talked about below, that are clearly cheating.

Dinner: No idea. Still flying by the seat of my pants.



I work at a courthouse, and I just had a Sheriff's Deputy sample the crackers and hummus. I think he was pleasantly surprised. He then waved a bowl of buffalo chicken wings under my nose. We're scheduled for a duel at dawn in the parking lot tomorrow.

In my ongoing quest for sprouting equipment, I ordered six canning jars from Ace Hardware Online last night. I got them for around eleven bucks, and they deliver them free of charge to a local store. After I pick them up, I'll get some mesh material at Home Depot. I'll explain this all exhaustively once we get it working.

I'm legitimately feeling better and better now. I think these oppressive headaches are the result of caffeine withdrawl as much as my change in meals. I'm a beast to deal with after a long drive home with a pseudo-migraine, but Kelly understands it's part of the package deal. I'm also used to running for fast food, so I've never had to plan homemade meals EVERY SINGLE DAY. I'm going to look into establishing a McDonald's style raw food chain when this is over.


  1. Good luck, you guys! But I take my steaks medium rare . . .


  2. You guys are doing great! It is great that you both have each other. I am 99% Raw since Dec. 4th. I did my first 30 day challenge last March. This time I do not see me going back! Once you feel this good and then go back[I was a vegetarian] you quickly realize how much better you feel on Raw. So I made my way back.=-)

    Love Always

  3. Yes! A raw fast food restaurant chain would be great! Can you start it up in MI?