Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 2 - The Morning After

Feeling surprisingly ok today after my long and somewhat deviant day yesterday.

At work 8:30 - 4:30:

-Smoothie: Banana, apple, cantaloupe, spinach. The cantaloupe was not as amazing as I'd hoped - it looked great when I cut it up the night before, but the taste was a little off for some reason, so disappointing because I was reallllly looking forward to eating it.

-Big Salad: Spinach, tomato, broccoli, sprouts, avocado, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper.

That kept me full the whole day, then I had about 45 minutes at home before going to volunteer at Hampden Park Co-op from 6-9. I do it twice a month for a total of 6 hours/mo. and get 20% off all our groceries, very sweet deal especially considering how fun it was last night and they always have snacks for volunteers.

-Snacks (at home and co-op): Flax crackers and tomatoes with hummus, dried unsweetened/unsulphured mango slices.

Right before my shift was up, Nathan called and convinced me to come to The Bulldog NE for what was going to be 3 guys meeting for a drink, but ended up being a party of 10+ people. It was really fun though in that unexpected random Tuesday night out way, and I had 3 vodka tonics (weak, I swear!) and about 5 fennel seasoned french fries. (For what looks like your standard obnoxious sports bar, this place has excellent food!) Got home and had another english muffin/avocado sandwich like last night and went to bed just after midnight.

I had a long conversation with another volunteer at the co-op about what we'd really like to do for jobs and what Nathan wrote yesterday popped into my head: "I'm going to look into establishing a McDonald's style raw food chain when this is over". Anyone want to be business partners?

Also wanted to link to two great posts from Allison's blog, Raw Odyssey. Here is some great info on keeping your raw food costs down. And here is the post that made me love her blog, a very sane explanation of the raw foods lifestyle.



  1. i just saw you guys on gone raw and i wanted to wish you good luck!!! you eat a lot of the same food i do. hummus is still one of my favorite foods. i tried a raw hummus and HATED it, so i still eat the cooked one. i also ate the ezekial brand foods like crazy!!! i was bummed when i found out they weren't raw, but i was a loyal fan.

  2. I love cooked hummus and we've made it frequently for over year now, and I can honestly say that the raw hummus recipe we tried might be the best homemade hummus I've had.


  3. Volunteering at the food coop is smart. Also start looking into CSA's - they can save you money in summer. check out

  4. Hi, I just got done reading all of your posts--on the equipment one: I got a Joyce Chen spiral slicer for $20 and I love it! It's different than yours, it's more like a container with a blade thing that sits on top and a thing with a handle that sits above that. You put your veggie on the blade thing, put the top on and turn the handle.

    My favorite "go-to" recipe is spiral sliced zuchinni, sliced red pepper, and a dressing made of tahine, curry type spices, a little olive oil and a little balsamic vinegar.

    You guys have fun.