Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We bought a house!

It was meant to be. It was listed on Edina Realty last Wed., but with no pictures. I asked our realtor (the absolutely fabulous Nancy Dalton - call her if you're near the twin cities, this woman knows her stuff and tells it like it is!) to check on it and on Thursday the pics were posted.

It was so cute and well kept, way different than a lot of the foreclosures we've been looking at. We were about to set up a showing for Thursday after work at 7, but then last minute we got to see it at 12:30 ONLY because Nathan was working much closer to home than he usually does and I was able to take a looooooooong lunch because the office was quiet. We immediately put in an offer above the asking price because there were already several other offers - they stopped showing the house that afternoon because there were so many offers.

We found out Friday a.m. & I still can't believe it!! A house that needs no work, only a few miles from where we are now, in a beautiful neighborhood with a community vegetable garden and a park with pool, new tennis courts, and picnic area less than two blocks away…..for $114,000. I feel like we're set for life, financially, with a mortgage payment very close to the current $675 we pay in rent.

In food news….well, there is none, really. No new experiments, I'm very content eating the same foods over and over - fruit for breakfast, big salad for lunch, random stuff for dinner (as in, whatever snacks are easy and available, instead of an actual planned meal). I read a lot of other raw food blogs regularly and am always amazed that they have time to make all this different stuff, plus take good pics and put up long posts about it. I'm lucky if I try something new like, once every two weeks.




  1. CONGRATS! Yes, it appears it was meant to be!


  2. Congratulations! What a lovely, charming house! And holy cow, are Minneapolis prices a lot more reasonable than DC - I cannot believe you got a whole, gorgeous house with porch and yard for that.

  3. This is really not typical of Minneapolis - I'd say most houses in decent areas of the city are closer to $200,000. Ours is just really small, the listing said 850 sq. feet but it sure feels bigger - but no garage, no basement, tiny kitchen - it's worth it to us for the financial security though. And it'll keep me an honest minimalist =).

  4. What a cute house. Congratulations.
    What a great time to buy!!

  5. Many congrats!!