Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Real people, real jobs,

I just wanted to post the following exchange from the comments section so everyone could see it - and to find out if there's anyone else in similar situations....

Anonymous said...

K, may I say something? On any day that you don't feel like wearing makeup, don't! Make up was fun during teen years and early adulthood, when feeling grownup was still a thrill. One by one, my friends and freed ourselves of the conditioning we experienced, to care about things like that. It says something about what that conditioning did to self esteem when one feels they needs make up on, in order to face the world comfortably. If you find yourself thinking how nice it is not to "have" to wear it, then maybe it's time.

I said:

Hi Anon, I wish I could do that - I don't wear much makeup and am totally comfortable running errands, etc., without it, but I see it as necessary for the office. Without eye makeup I look tired, and I have uneven, oily skin that looks gross without some powder at least. I'm not going to risk my job to make the statement that it's not fair women are expected to wear makeup (and it's not), but that's just the shitty reality. I would not have gotten hired if I went in there in my "natural state".

That leads to another discussion - part of the reason behind the "real people" name of this blog was that we both have professional office jobs - unlike a lot of raw foodies out there who teach yoga or are artists or life coaches or whatever. Like many people, I would prefer NOT to work in an office, in a cube, for the man, doing meaningless (to me) work, but....I wasn't thinking about that, or aware of how much it would suck, when I went to college and racked up tens of thousands of dollars of student loans. I also wasn't about to not marry my wonderful husband because of his ridiculous $100,000 law school debt with 7% interest.

So, I continue working in an office, and wearing makeup, so that we can get out of debt, buy a house, have a retirement savings, health care coverage, security in general, etc...But, my dream is to someday work only part time, have little kiddos, and not give a thought about how professional my face looks.

Anyone with me?


  1. Kelly:

    You go Girl!!

    Mark and Jen

  2. HaHa, Thanks for checking in on my Blog, checking yours out now...

    I don't wear makeup.. can't stand the stuff, never could, my eyes look tired .. My skin has both wrinkles and acne, can't make up its mind. As for uneven tones, well.... the good news is that mine is so blotchy the wrinkles and acne are hardly noticable... But will I wear make up?? NO!

    That's just me.. I don't! I work in an office, and I figure if the way I look causes problems then I wouldn't be working in that office, but 10years later I'm still there....

    HOWEVER, Everyone around me does wear it, and I wouldn't/couldn't tell them NO? I'm just the odd ball, the fruitloop, the "crunchy one"... I get that! So I don't fret...

    You do what you like.. People will say what they will..